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Consultant discusses steps for devising a business-disaster plan


Consultant provides advice for firms in handling a business disaster
Courtesy of Central New York Business Journal -
February 28, 2014
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Closing the Loop in Preparedness Exercises
From Emergency Management -
July 3, 2012
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Why choose Emergency Preparedness Solutions, LLC for
your preparedness objectives?

  • For all of our activities, EPS takes a NEEDS-BASED APPROACH, meaning that we work with clients to identify and address their own specific needs, resulting in maximization of time, effort, and funding for stakeholders. EPS will accomplish needs assessments through a variety of means including interviews, document review, and surveys. 
  • Many competing firms use a cookie-cutter approach, matching similar products and services across the board to multiple clients. While this saves the consultant time, it results as a failure to the client because their unique needs are not identified and addressed. Our greatest concern is meeting the needs of our clients with quality services. 
  • Emergency Preparedness Solutions, where possible, will provide the client with multiple options to select from. These options will offer a variety of values, all based upon identified needs, and subject to the choice of the client. Each option will exercise specified methodologies to accomplish various objectives. 
  • As a small business, we have the flexibility that large consulting firms typically lack due to large bureaucracies and overhead.
  • Emergency Preparedness Solutions fully guarantees the quality of its work. 

Strategic Partnerships

EPS has entered into strategic partnerships with the companies listed below.  As such, we are able to broaden and enhance the services available to our clients.


Agility Recovery
Agility Recovery: Advanced disaster recovery solutions for businesses

In Case of Crisis

In Case of Crisis: Your emergency plans, procedures, and contacts on an interactive mobile app


[D4H]: Technology applications for live emergency/crisis management and resource tracking

Through the work completed by EPS, Vermont has been able to gain a clear picture of the training needs across the State, allowing us to develop a new training program to meet identitied areas for improvement. EPS' staff was efficient and catered to the evolving project, changing direction mid-stream as parameters dictated.

- Jessica Stolz,
Homeland Security Section Chief,

Vermont Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

We contracted Emergency Preparedness Solutions to conduct a series of disaster preparedness trainings for the directors of agencies we fund. EPS designed a curriculum from scratch and delivered a series of trainings that were perfectly tailored to their needs. The participants left the trainings with a vastly improved understanding of disaster preparedness and how to apply that knowledge to better prepare their staff and volunteers for a disaster. I would happily contract EPS for another project in the future.

- Andrew Smallman,
Director of Hunger and Food Support Initiatives,

United Way of New York City