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Consultant discusses steps for devising a business-disaster plan


Consultant provides advice for firms in handling a business disaster
Courtesy of Central New York Business Journal -
February 28, 2014
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Closing the Loop in Preparedness Exercises
From Emergency Management -
July 3, 2012
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Client Services:

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Having current plans, written to applicable standards, is often required for grant funding, accreditation, and other needs.


It is also a critical element in saving lives, preserving property, and minimizing financial losses.



Core Competencies

Emergency Preparedness Solutions provides a full range of comprehensive emergency and disaster preparedness services for clients in the areas of planning, training, and exercising. 

          • Hazard Analysis and Evaluation of Current Plans, Policies, and Procedures
          • Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans (CEMPs) Including Functional and Hazard-Specific Annexes
          • Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP)
          • - Business Continuity (PDF) - Continuity of Government
          • THIRA (Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment)


    All planning activities are conducted using prescribed processes and national/industry standards such as CPG-101,CPG-201, NFPA 1600, NIMS, and EMAP. The plans prepared are fully customized to address the needs of each client. 

          • Training Needs Assessments
          • National Incident Management System (NIMS) Incident Command System (ICS) national training curriculum
          • . . I-100, I-200, I-300, I-400, and Executive
            . . Briefings and Workshops
          • Customized Emergency Operations Center (EOC) training courses
            . .Electric Utility Liaison Training Course
          • Exercise training courses – learn how to design, evaluate, and conduct your own table top, functional, or full scale exercises
          • Professional development courses in leadership, communications, volunteer management, and more
          • Personalized training courses can be developed by our curriculum design experts to meet the specific and unique needs of our clients.
emergency preparedness checklist

Training in NIMS-related courses is a Federal mandate for any entity involved in emergency management and public safety. Learn from expert practitioners.

          • A full array of Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)-compliant exercise programs including seminars, workships, table-tops, games, drills, functional, and full-scale exercises.
          • Training and exercise planning workshops (TEPWs),
                  • After action reports (AARs) for exercises and real-world events, including formulation of corrective action plans (CAPs) to help clients improve capabilities.


Through the work completed by EPS, Vermont has been able to gain a clear picture of the training needs across the State, allowing us to develop a new training program to meet identitied areas for improvement. EPS' staff was efficient and catered to the evolving project, changing direction mid-stream as parameters dictated.

- Jessica Stolz,
Homeland Security Section Chief,

Vermont Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

We contracted Emergency Preparedness Solutions to conduct a series of disaster preparedness trainings for the directors of agencies we fund. EPS designed a curriculum from scratch and delivered a series of trainings that were perfectly tailored to their needs. The participants left the trainings with a vastly improved understanding of disaster preparedness and how to apply that knowledge to better prepare their staff and volunteers for a disaster. I would happily contract EPS for another project in the future.

- Andrew Smallman,
Director of Hunger and Food Support Initiatives,

United Way of New York City