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Emergency Response Risk Assessment, Cybersecurity Assessments, & More

No preparedness activity can truly be started without an assessment of current hazards, threats, conditions, and capabilities. While EPS integrates some measure of assessment into all projects to ensure that we are meeting the unique needs of each client, there are some assessments that are more rigorous and deliberate. Emergency Preparedness Solutions™® can provide a range of assessments for clients, including:

  • Comprehensive preparedness assessments
  • Facility and physical security assessments
  • Cybersecurity assessments
  • Hazard vulnerability assessments (HVA)
  • Threat and hazard identification and risk assessment (THIRA)
  • Business/operations impact analysis (BIA)
  • Gap analysis
  • Training needs assessments
  • Integrated Preparedness Planning Workshops (IPPWs)

Assessments are conducted by our subject matter experts to meet your needs. Depending on the specific type of assessment being conducted, we may be reviewing plans, policies, and other documents or source materials; conducting interviews of key staff; using surveys to gather information; and performing physical examination of facilities and resources. Our assessment reports will include detailed findings and recommendations, with references to standards and best practices.