Are You Prepared for Any Emergency? It's Easy to Find Out.

Are You Prepared for Any Emergency? It's Easy to Find Out.

Our Utica, NY-based company can conduct an emergency preparedness assessment

Your employees should know what to do when disaster strikes. The reality might be quite different. The results of an emergency preparedness assessment can help you create a more effective emergency plan.

Emergency Preparedness Solutions™® of Utica, NY can conduct an emergency response risk assessment to examine how your organization would handle...

  • A fire
  • A pandemic
  • A natural disaster
  • An active shooter
  • An act of terrorism

We can then help you address weaknesses in your emergency plan. Contact us today to schedule an emergency preparedness assessment.

Be proactive, be prepared

We help government entities, private businesses, and nonprofit organizations in Utica, NY and across the nation develop adaptable emergency plans. We can guide your organization through effective emergency preparedness activities, meeting standards established by FEMA, the NFPA, OSHA, and the ISO.

Get started today by arranging for an emergency response assessment.