EOC Services

EPS is a leading specialist in EOC management using ICS-based/ICS-like models and the NIMS Incident Support Model (ISM).

We provide a full range of preparedness services to help you:

  • Develop an EOC Management Plan using one of these models and adapted to meet your unique needs
  • Train your staff on the essential elements of your EOC Management Plan
  • Provide intermediate-level scenario-based training for each functional area of the EOC. For example, training for the ISM would include the following one-day courses:
    • EOC Management
    • Center Support
    • Planning
    • Situational Awareness
    • Mission and Resource Support
  • Immersive advanced-level two-day scenario-based training for all EOC positions
  • Design, conduct, and evaluation of functional exercises to validate plans and maintain staff proficiency

To complement our EOC services, EPS provides task-specific workshops on the EOC Planning Process and developing EOC Action Plans, Mission Support Plans, and Demobilization Plans. EPS also offers EOC management and evaluation services during incidents, and after-action review services following an incident.

Client Testimonial

"Emergency Preparedness Solutions developed EOC plans and delivered training to Provo City EOC staff professionally, timely and with great integrity. Tim's experience in Emergency Management allows him to effectively meet the needs of local governments."

Chris Blinzinger

Emergency Manager
Provo City, Utah