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How will you prepare for a disaster? Do you have an up-to-date plan in place? We can help.

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Now offering After-Action Reports & Improvement Plans

After-Action Reports (AAR) and Improvement Plans (IP) are a necessity for continuous improvement. While they are a standard for exercises, AAR/IPs for incidents and events are not developed as often as they should. The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) provides guidance for developing AAR/IPs for exercises, but this guidance is not directly transferable to incidents and events.

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Our team brings real-word experience to our clients, with a range of backgrounds in public safety, emergency management, and other related fields. Meet all of us on our About Us.  

Giving Back

Emergency Preparedness Solutions™® believes in giving! We make regular contributions to our local fire and EMS organizations, and we support global response organizations such as Team Rubicon and World Central Kitchen. Click on their names to make a contribution and to learn more about these incredible disaster relief organizations.

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Disasters Are Inevitable, Unforgiving, And Costly!

How will a disaster impact your facilities, your employees, your critical operations, and your customers?

As a business, government entity, or not-for-profit, how are you prepared for disaster? Do you have an up-to-date plan? Are critical staff trained in the implementation of that plan? Has your plan been exercised?

Emergency Preparedness Solutions™® (EPS)

EPS is a part-woman-owned small business specializing in providing a full range of preparedness services for governments, businesses, and non-profits of all sizes, with a particular focus on planning, training, and exercises. We incorporate a strong analysis component into every project to ensure that we understand the unique needs of every client and the factors that can influence and inform project outcomes.

We provide a full range of comprehensive emergency management planning, continuity of operations planning, and continuity of government planning services. We can train your personnel in the plan and critical aspects of that plan such as the Incident Command System (ICS), the incident planning process, and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Management. We also offer a full array of HSEEP-consistent exercise programs.